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Who Is Ali Walkup?

Ali has been involved in the yoga and massage therapy world since 2007, teaching Anusara Yoga under John Friend. Ali instantly became hooked on Structural Integration (SI) when her mentor Osteopath Dr. William R. Taylor suggested she read Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers.  After graduating from The Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Ali studied with Dr. Taylor immersing herself in cranial sacral bodywork and learning the Anatomy Train lines.  Ali graduated from ATSI in 2017 and brings over 1,500 hours of hands-on manual manipulation training, plus countless hours of structural analysis education into each of her sessions. Her extensive training includes many hours of interactive cadaver lab fascial dissection work with Dr. Todd Garcia and Tom Meyers. In 2021, Ali will become the second practicing advanced ATSI practitioner in the state of Colorado.

So much of chronic pain has to do with posture acquired from daily functional use patterns that include the way we hold ourselves (muscle memory), injuries (new and old), as well as our emotional and psychological experiences. We develop patterns of use and function that live in the “fascial systems,” fascia is a vast, dynamic, interconnected living fabric within our bodies. My work is to support you and your unique body by accessing the facial systems, I follow the facial lines to unwind and release old patterns which creates space, expands movement and ultimately frees your body from chronic pain and tension.

My Office

5700 W. 25th Ave Edgewater, CO 80214

*It is located above “Frank’s” up the brown stairs outside to the left-hand side of the building, once inside, up the stairs first door on the left.